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Surprise! 4 unexpected driving situations and how to handle them

When driving, watch for deer or wildlife crossing signs, which are placed in areas where animals are known to congregate.

Even the safest drivers will encounter surprising situations on the road now and then. But newer drivers have encountered fewer surprises, which can make them scarier, not to mention more dangerous. During any surprise on the road, the most important thing to do is remain calm so that you can rationally think through the safest […]

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Facts About Distracted Driving: Tips From a Teen

[Written by eDriving's contributing teen writer Amy Tarczynski, who shares some key facts about distracted driving, along with her personal advice for staying focused on the road. Read Amy's last article about getting her drivers license.] April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month. This year, especially, road safety ought to be everyone’s top priority. 2016 brought a staggering 40,000 […]

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Safe Driving Tips As The Clocks Go Back

The long light evenings of summer have come to an end and it’s time to exchange that air conditioning button for your car’s heating control. Yes, at 2 a.m. this Sunday (November 6), we officially say goodbye to summertime as the clocks go back one hour, marking the end of Daylight Saving Time for 2016 and a return […]

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Warming Up Your Car: The Right Way to Get on the Road in Cold Weather

Doesn’t everything seem to take longer during the winter—longer to get yourself out of bed, longer to get yourself ready, longer to start your car and get on the road? The thing is, it’s not like we have any less to do when it’s cold, so it’s easy to feel rushed and start cutting corners—even when […]

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Spring Car Maintenance Tips

Are you and your car ready for springtime driving? Make sure your car is in tip-top shape: follow these spring car maintenance tips from the California Department of Insurance to stay safe on the road this season! And while you’re at it, refresh your knowledge of road rules and signs too! Spring into Action on […]

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Winter Driving and Ski Season

Feels like the winter has almost gone away…almost! The cold season likes to fight for its place and loves to surprise with sudden blizzards and snowfall, which don’t make driving a breeze. The best advice of all time is not to drive in bad weather conditions, unless you really have to, but there can be […]

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High Wind: Driving Safety Tips

“High Winds on Bridge”, says the sign, when I am getting close to the 4.5-mile long bridge on my daily commute. What is the sign here for? To give me a topic of discussion with other drivers while we are crawling through morning traffic? Or to deliver some important info and warn about special weather […]

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Smart Highways Glow in the Dark

Have you ever heard of smart highways? Would you ever want to drive on a road that communicates with you, telling about road conditions, lighting up the way, and illustrating when the weather changes? If so, you will have a chance to do that pretty soon. In mid-2013, some roads in the Netherlands will start […]

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Holiday Driving: Tips for Staying Safe

“Jingle Bells” has hijacked all the audio players around the country, and pine tree smell is everywhere you go, including your own living room. All the signs tell us that it’s the holiday season. And I am pretty sure that not only Santa has been incredibly busy these days, shaking snow off his sleigh and […]

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Winter Check-Up List

Winter is just around the corner and before the cold temperatures hit our towns, let’s check if our cars are ready for the change. We are all aware that neglecting seasonal maintenance, can cause a lot of unpredictable situations with our vehicles, and this is never more true than when it comes to winter check-up […]

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