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Driving Under the Influence: Do Strict DUI Laws Really Work?

Year after year, statistics confirm that the single most dangerous thing a driver can do is get behind the wheel drunk. This is no surprise; after all, the more intoxicated a driver is, the more he or she becomes literally unable to drive safely. But compared with thirty years ago, today less than half as […]

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Texas Police Will Stop Typing While Driving

The Farmers Branch Police Department will now be protected by technology. New devices in patrol cars will discourage distracted driving among Farmers Branch police officers. Specifically, the devices will prevent officers from typing while driving more than 15 miles per hour by locking the keyboard. Seems like Texas police will be fighting distracted driving by […]

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Multitasking and Driving: Good Skill or Bad Habit?

How many things and assignments can you accomplish within one day? I am pretty sure it is not as many as you would like. Many believe that increasing the number of things to be done at the same time will positively affect productivity. Unfortunately, they are mistaken! Numerous studies have showed that the brain cannot fully […]

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Shame as Punishment for a Sidewalk Driver

What do you usually do, when you happen to be behind a school bus? I guess there is only one right answer for this question: you follow the law, you fight your boredom, forget the fact that you’re in a rush, stop in the appropriate spot and wait for the bus and patiently continue your […]

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