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Texas fights distracted driving with new DL requirement

New Driver Course to Combat Distracted Driving

The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) will implement a new driver’s education requirement Sept. 1 that mandates all drivers 18 and older participate in a one-hour driving course on distracted driving. The Impact Texas Young Drivers (ITYD) course tackles one of the biggest safety issues today: the plethora of mobile devices, as well as […]

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Cyclists in Austin, Texas Engage with Sticker Art

Cyclists in Austin, Texas have created a campaign to engage the broader public with sticker art that humanizes riders. The campaign, “Hello I’m a Cyclist,” has already raised over a thousand dollars on Kickstarter. Austin’s cycling community sees one to two cyclist deaths each year caused by motor vehicles. In 2012, there were four cycling […]

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Apocalypse in Texas and Other Dangers

I can’t confirm whether or not a Texas apocalypse is underway, but one man can. Clayton Todd Earthman, 24, is certain that doomsday is coming. To prepare, he’s been taking a lot of drugs, keeping his guns close, and garnering chemicals in case he needs to make a bomb. Earthman’s provisions were discovered on Wednesday […]

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Texas Defensive Driving: a Solution for Super-Commuters in Houston and Dallas

Many of us know firsthand that getting to and from work can take a lion’s share of our free time during the weekdays. Workers who spend the longest time on their daily commute are called super-commuters, and the majority of these live in the Houston and Dallas metropolitan areas. Can a Texas defensive driving course […]

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Texting and Driving in Texas

The widespread social phenomenon of texting and driving has become a stumbling block in the safety of the nation’s roads. Most states have already banned the use of cellphones while driving. But there are still 11 states where texting, talking on the phone and surfing the web while driving are legal and not punishable for […]

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“Don’t Mess with Texas”: How it all started

“Don’t Mess with Texas”—it’s a little strange and even scary when you see this phrase on a huge road sign in front of you. Billboards with this phrase are all over the roads in the Lone Star State. How does someone avoid messing with Texas while driving? The answer is simple and pretty straightforward: do […]

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Get a Set: Texas Defensive Driving Course + Driving Record

It is not a secret that in the United States, you almost have to drive: it’s a big country, and in states like Texas, it’s next to impossible to get from place to place without a driver’s license. Unfortunately, not everybody follows the rules of the road all of the time, and sometimes people go […]

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