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Intersections & You: A Guide for New Drivers

Intersections can be tricky and scary, and many new and seasoned drivers have run afoul of traffic at intersections. Staying alert and observant, along with minimizing distractions, will help new drivers stay safe at intersections. Washington State Patrol Trooper Rick Johnson tells his driving-age children to wait a few moments at a newly green light, […]

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Earn your driving privileges faster with Mentor for Families

Download Mentor for Families today to track, measure, progress, and get on the road (safely!) as soon as possible.

It’s a classic Catch 22 that all new drivers face: In order to gain more driving privileges, you need to prove you are responsible; but you can only prove you’re responsible by being able to drive. How can younger drivers convince their parents that they’re staying safe behind the wheel? The new Mentor for Families […]

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Drivers Ed Diary Entry No. 4: Passing the Road Test

DriversEd.com Contributing Writer Grace Keller has kept an ongoing diary for us about her drivers ed experience. In her latest installment, she details how she feels now that she’s passed her road test. Grace Keller is delighted to have passed the Maryland road test! The end of my drivers ed experience came quicker than I had […]

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California Online Drivers Ed Diary: Entry #3

[Written by DriversEd.com contributing writer Alexis David, who is keeping an ongoing California online drivers ed diary for us, detailing her experience going through our California online drivers ed course.] I’ve been taking my drivers ed course in a very leisurely manner, which doesn’t help when I just want to get my permit already! Plus, […]

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New Cars are Safer for Teen Drivers

New cars are safer for teen drivers than older cars. Stats show that as a whole, teens don’t necessarily have the best track record for safety on the road, which is why it logically follows that parents give them older cars. “Buckets” or “whoopties,” as older cars are known among teens, are often the training […]

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