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Record-breaking 44M people expected to travel this July 4th

The American Automobile Association (AAA) is predicting this Fourth of July holiday weekend to be the most traveled Independence Day weekend ever. More than 44 million Americans are expected to travel at least 50 miles from home over the weekend, which is 1.25 million more travelers than last year. With July 4th falling on a […]

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The 2015 Bay Area Bike Challenge officially starts today, and is excited to throw our helmets in the ring! Why We’re Participating Even though our specialty is driving, we’re not just drivers—we’re bicyclists too! We’re participating in the Bay Area Bike Challenge this year to recognize and celebrate another wonderful way to travel. As a […]

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Teen Safe Driving Contests: Save Lives this Spring

Summer is the most dangerous season for teens to drive, say statistics. But we still have the whole spring to do our best to remind everybody to drive carefully and prevent any potential collisions on the road. There are a lot of ways to do so, and probably one of the most effective, fun and exciting […]

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Winter Driving and Ski Season

Feels like the winter has almost gone away…almost! The cold season likes to fight for its place and loves to surprise with sudden blizzards and snowfall, which don’t make driving a breeze. The best advice of all time is not to drive in bad weather conditions, unless you really have to, but there can be […]

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High Wind: Driving Safety Tips

“High Winds on Bridge”, says the sign, when I am getting close to the 4.5-mile long bridge on my daily commute. What is the sign here for? To give me a topic of discussion with other drivers while we are crawling through morning traffic? Or to deliver some important info and warn about special weather […]

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Driving Anxiety: Ways to Overcome

As any other activity, driving involves some risks and therefore can be scary. The popular automobile blog Jalopnik has published a list of the top ten fears that people experience when they get behind the wheel. But in fact the human imagination can generate an unlimited number of images and situations that can lead to driving anxiety. Sure, […]

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Drowsy Driving: Don’t Be a Victim

When you are in the middle of your commute, driving the car, and suddenly realize that you cannot recall how you drove the last few miles, in addition to catching yourself rubbing your eyes and yawning every other minute, or, even worse, drifting out of your lane or off the road, then it is time […]

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Car Upgrades for Road Trips

Professional road travelers have their cars prepared for any road situation, for road trips around the country or even around the world. With a couple of simple adjustments, a regular vehicle can turn into a cozy living room, a kitchen, or mighty and fearless beast that can overcome all the rockiest roads, swamps, and suspension […]

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Highway Hypnosis: Detect and Avoid

Early morning: you wake up, do your morning routine, get out of the house, walk to the car, unlock it … and the next moment, you’re already at your destination, getting down to business. How did you get here? Whom did you see on the road? How many turns did you make? There is no […]

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Driving Safety: The Witty Signs of Manali-Leh Highway

Getting ready for a road trip in another country can be a challenging procedure, especially if the trip is going to be a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Who will be driving? What car is better for the local roads? And how to ensure driving safety? Let’s take one Himalayan road as an example. So, if you were going […]

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