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Parking Lot Safety: What New Drivers Need to Know

crowded parking lot

Driving in a parking lot doesn’t seem like it should be that hard. After all, cars go slowly, the lanes are clearly marked, and there aren’t a lot of driving rules or traffic controls to worry about. But in fact, parking lot crashes account for 14% of all insurance claims, and some research suggests that […]

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Cars and Pedestrians: A Conflict Where Both Sides Lose

car stopped at pedestrian crosswalk

If we’re in a hurry, it can be easy to get frustrated with pedestrians who dawdle in the crosswalk or start crossing in the middle of the street without even looking first. When we’re on foot, however, suddenly it’s the people behind the wheel who seem aggressive, inconsiderate, or entitled—backing up without checking, stopping in the […]

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I am a Pedestrian. And So Are You!

As a girl who despises the gym, I force myself to be a pedestrian more often than a driver (and by the way, I’m a fabulous safe driver). But lately it’s become dangerous to simply cross the street in San Francisco. I’m lucky to live in a breathtaking city. Every seven blocks is a new […]

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We All Are Pedestrians

Before getting behind a steering wheel and after parking a car, we all are pedestrians. And we are responsible for our safety on the road at all times, whether we’re behind the wheel or traveling as a foot passenger. Knowing the meaning of traffic signs, pavement markings, and basic road rules is our duty and […]

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