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Super Bowl: No Drunk Driving for Football Fans

Are you a player? Do you like team sports? Well, I dare to claim that driving is a team game too, and you have to be a player to handle it: you have to know the rules, consider your teammates and constantly improve your technique. And it turns out that for many drivers, handling the […]

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Drunk Driving Penalty: An Unusual Sentence

After reading about this unconventional drunk driving penalty and the odd punishment for the sidewalk driver from Cleveland, I seriously wonder if judges in Ohio in some kind of competition for doling out weird sentences. On Tuesday, a judge in northeast Ohio sentenced a drunk driver to view bodies of car crash fatalities. The 27-year-old […]

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Be My Designated Driver!

“Just one drink! Just one drink!” My friend tried to convince me when we were heading to her cousin’s birthday. It didn’t sound truthful from the beginning. By the end of the night, I counted at least 4 one drinks. The results were astonishingly inconvenient and even embarrassing: the car abandoned on the street overnight, […]

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Holiday Driving: Tips for Staying Safe

“Jingle Bells” has hijacked all the audio players around the country, and pine tree smell is everywhere you go, including your own living room. All the signs tell us that it’s the holiday season. And I am pretty sure that not only Santa has been incredibly busy these days, shaking snow off his sleigh and […]

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Drunk Driving Is Not for Your Friends

We all know that drinking alcohol is illegal for people under 21, and that regardless of age no one is allowed to drive under the influence of alcohol. But these two laws are being broken more often than we could imagine. According to CDC statistics, 1 out of 10 high school students, and about half of […]

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