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Check out the new car wraps on’s training vehicles!

As you probably already know, went through a massive upgrade. We made all our online courses compatible with mobile and tablet devices, updated graphics and animations in the courses, and redesigned our whole website. While we were at it, we also prettied up our BMW MINI Cooper and Countryman training vehicles with some new […]

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Be safe on July 4th while having a ball

This July 4th there are a ton of ways to have ball that will keep you safe and won’t put you in danger of killing someone while driving drunk (yes, that’s harsh, but it’s true). Whether or not you’ve taken driver’s ed, you probably know that drunk driving is illegal. No one ever actually plans to […]

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Older drivers can learn safer driving techniques for the long run

Older drivers can learn safer driving techniques for the long run in order to drive safely and confidently. Today’s 75-year-old driver who got a license at 16 would have taken their driving test in 1954! This means they learned about safety training on a road that was much less crowded than it is today. In […]

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Hands-free Texting is as Dangerous as Manual Texting

Now that drivers can use voice-to-text applications, the dangers of driving while texting are old news, right? Not really, unfortunately. It turns out that both manual and hands-free texting result in double the lag time that it takes drivers to react to basic driving conditions, such as a change in the traffic light from red […]

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The “Problem” with Drivers Education

“The problem with driver’s education is…you learn that almost everyone else is a lousy driver,” remarked another jaded youth who had just taken drivers education, now burdened with the weight of knowledge that he could never unlearn. Meanwhile, his dad slumped dejectedly in the passenger’s seat, wishing desperately that he could go back to the […]

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Guinness Record-Holders Drive Mini Cooper Cars

Mini Coopers and their drivers never cease to surprise. They both regularly replenish The Guinness Book of World Records with new gripping achievements. One of them is parallel parking in the tightest spot. Car enthusiasts drove a Mini Cooper and parked it into a designated area in realistic parking conditions, except that the parking spot […]

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Driving Instructor in West Virginia Got Arrested for Teaching a Student Dangerous Maneuvers

A driving instructor from West Virginia was recently arrested for teaching a student how to perform donuts. The instructor is being charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor as well as destruction of property. The instructor, Edwin Anderson, claims he taught his student how to do donuts so that she could learn vehicle […]

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Foreign Drivers in the U.S.

Are you planning to visit the United States from overseas? There’s no doubt you should take a road trip around the country. Many attractions and real gems of nature can be reached only by car. And here come the important questions: Who is going to be driving? What type of driver’s license is required for […]

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Get a Set: Texas Defensive Driving Course + Driving Record

It is not a secret that in the United States, you almost have to drive: it’s a big country, and in states like Texas, it’s next to impossible to get from place to place without a driver’s license. Unfortunately, not everybody follows the rules of the road all of the time, and sometimes people go […]

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Traffic School in Michigan? Yes!

We are happy and proud to announce that has been offering Online Traffic School in Michigan state also known as a Basic Driver Improvement Course. Getting this course online and fully approved was one of our more recent triumphs, and we’re really proud of this one. There are 7 million licensed drivers in the […]

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