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Teen Safe Driving Contests: Save Lives this Spring

Summer is the most dangerous season for teens to drive, say statistics. But we still have the whole spring to do our best to remind everybody to drive carefully and prevent any potential collisions on the road. There are a lot of ways to do so, and probably one of the most effective, fun and exciting […]

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Foreign Drivers in the U.S.

Are you planning to visit the United States from overseas? There’s no doubt you should take a road trip around the country. Many attractions and real gems of nature can be reached only by car. And here come the important questions: Who is going to be driving? What type of driver’s license is required for […]

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Thank You, Facebook Fans!

Thank you to all of our fans for being with us, for trusting us with your lives and safety, and for sharing laughs with us on the Facebook page! Today we are celebrating a remarkable milestone for our Facebook page—we have reached 50,000 likes! (Like this if you like this!) We are touched by the […]

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Teen Safe Driving Contest: “Keep the Drive”

Don’t miss your chance to win $2,000 by saving lives of your friends and classmates! The Allstate Foundation just started its 2013 “Keep the Drive” contest, featuring six possible awards. High school students can participate by writing articles for their schools newspapers or producing a broadcasting piece for a high school news station. The creative […]

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Adult Drivers Education: It’s Never Too Late to Start Driving

Even though most people earn their license and start driving  at the age of 16, there are some who for different reasons postpone the wonderful opportunity to hit the road independently. Even if the delay is long, I deeply believe that it is never too late to start anything in your life. And thrilling and unique […]

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Teen Drivers Ed: Save 40% Off

The holidays are here: it’s time for eating tons of food, spending time with loved ones, and giving and getting great presents! Speaking of presents, we’re offering a 40% discount on teen drivers ed* for the next five days. Consider it our gift to you! To get the discount, just be sure to pay for […]

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Does Driving Help with Free Online Dating?

Free online dating has revolutionized our social lives, but one thing is for sure: if you’re going to be dating, you’ll need a license. It’s not just so you can impress your newest crush with an awesome car or your amazing driving skills, but simply so you can date at all. Let me explain my […]

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How I Became a Driver: My First Drivers License

It’s easy to focus on the steps you’ll have to take and the procedures you’ll have to follow to get your drivers license—and it’s even easier to forget what a big step you’re really taking! Getting that first drivers license is much more than just taking drivers ed, studying for your written test, and going […]

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Join Us for Texas teen online drivers ed!

Is there a real option for Texas teen online drivers ed? The answer may surprise you! For many years teens and their parents in Texas were able to work on drivers education together. Parents just needed to request the needed forms from DMV, wait for the forms to arrive, then find the approved Texas Parent-Taught […]

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Driving Safety and Big Cities

According to some psychological theories, different cities have different energies. I am sure you have experienced that: a new place seems to be very familiar and comfortable, people are amiable and open. Or a drastically opposite scenario: the city you are visiting looks nice, but you feel anxiety and tension, some of people ignore you, […]

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