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Drivers Ed Diary: Entry #3

[Written by DriversEd.com Contributing Writer Grace Keller, who is keeping an ongoing drivers ed diary for us, detailing her experiences going through one of our online drivers ed courses. Check out her earlier entries here and here.] I’m currently on the fourth lesson module of my online driver’s ed course. It’s definitely taking a sharp […]

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Self-Parking Cars: Are They REALLY Safer?


Easy question for those of you who are getting ready to get your first driver’s license: what part of your driving test are you most worried about? If your palms are sweating just thinking about the Parallel Parking requirement, you’re not alone—parallel parking can strike terror into the heart of even the most experienced driver. And […]

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“The Driving Dead” and 6 More Shocking, Funny, and Unforgettable Safe Driving PSAs


To improve road safety, there are several things we can do. First, we can pass new laws or strengthen the laws that already exist in order to discourage dangerous driving behaviors. Second, we can improve how these laws are enforced by hiring more peace officers or making certain offenses a higher priority.

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Drivers Ed Meets Pop Music: The History of Teen Crash Songs

side collision

If there’s one thing that everyone who’s ever taken a drivers ed course is familiar with, it’s those movies. You know the ones. A crash survivor remembers the friend who wasn’t so lucky. A grieving parent mourns the child they’ll never see again. A critically-injured driver recalls the bad decision that left them disabled for […]

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Driving styles that drive us crazy

There are certain driving styles that drive us crazy! No one is perfect. At DriversEd.com, we make sure to think of others on the road every single day. In addition to covering our bases with updated rules and refreshers, we also try to practice common courtesy and common sense, which the following types of drivers do […]

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The “Problem” with Drivers Education

“The problem with driver’s education is…you learn that almost everyone else is a lousy driver,” remarked another jaded youth who had just taken drivers education, now burdened with the weight of knowledge that he could never unlearn. Meanwhile, his dad slumped dejectedly in the passenger’s seat, wishing desperately that he could go back to the […]

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Teen Safe Driving Contests: Save Lives this Spring

Summer is the most dangerous season for teens to drive, say statistics. But we still have the whole spring to do our best to remind everybody to drive carefully and prevent any potential collisions on the road. There are a lot of ways to do so, and probably one of the most effective, fun and exciting […]

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Foreign Drivers in the U.S.

Are you planning to visit the United States from overseas? There’s no doubt you should take a road trip around the country. Many attractions and real gems of nature can be reached only by car. And here come the important questions: Who is going to be driving? What type of driver’s license is required for […]

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Thank You, DriversEd.com Facebook Fans!

Thank you to all of our fans for being with us, for trusting us with your lives and safety, and for sharing laughs with us on the DriversEd.com Facebook page! Today we are celebrating a remarkable milestone for our Facebook page—we have reached 50,000 likes! (Like this if you like this!) We are touched by the […]

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Teen Safe Driving Contest: “Keep the Drive”

Don’t miss your chance to win $2,000 by saving lives of your friends and classmates! The Allstate Foundation just started its 2013 “Keep the Drive” contest, featuring six possible awards. High school students can participate by writing articles for their schools newspapers or producing a broadcasting piece for a high school news station. The creative […]

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