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Apocalypse in Texas and Other Dangers

I can’t confirm whether or not a Texas apocalypse is underway, but one man can. Clayton Todd Earthman, 24, is certain that doomsday is coming. To prepare, he’s been taking a lot of drugs, keeping his guns close, and garnering chemicals in case he needs to make a bomb. Earthman’s provisions were discovered on Wednesday […]

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New Bill to Convict Drivers for Pedestrian Fatalities

What would you think if more than half of the drunk drivers who were found at fault for injuring or killing a pedestrian weren’t prosecuted and didn’t even have their licenses revoked? Our culture generally has little tolerance for drunk driving. Drunk drivers can be fined and have their licenses suspended in California, even if they aren’t over […]

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Hands-free Texting is as Dangerous as Manual Texting

Now that drivers can use voice-to-text applications, the dangers of driving while texting are old news, right? Not really, unfortunately. It turns out that both manual and hands-free texting result in double the lag time that it takes drivers to react to basic driving conditions, such as a change in the traffic light from red […]

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Eating and Driving: Is It Dangerous?

Did your morning rush cause you to skip your breakfast again? Planning to trade it for a quick bite during your commute? Not a good idea! Yes, it is bad for your digestive system, but what’s more important, eating and driving is extremely dangerous! Eating behind the wheel is probably the least discussed topic in […]

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Texas Police Will Stop Typing While Driving

The Farmers Branch Police Department will now be protected by technology. New devices in patrol cars will discourage distracted driving among Farmers Branch police officers. Specifically, the devices will prevent officers from typing while driving more than 15 miles per hour by locking the keyboard. Seems like Texas police will be fighting distracted driving by […]

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Texting and Driving in Texas

The widespread social phenomenon of texting and driving has become a stumbling block in the safety of the nation’s roads. Most states have already banned the use of cellphones while driving. But there are still 11 states where texting, talking on the phone and surfing the web while driving are legal and not punishable for […]

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Multitasking and Driving: Good Skill or Bad Habit?

How many things and assignments can you accomplish within one day? I am pretty sure it is not as many as you would like. Many believe that increasing the number of things to be done at the same time will positively affect productivity. Unfortunately, they are mistaken! Numerous studies have showed that the brain cannot fully […]

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NTSB: no distracted driving, no cell phones behind the wheel

Next time you’re tempted to reach for your cell phone behind the wheel, consider this: in December 2011, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) called for a nationwide ban on using any personal electronic devices behind the wheel. The NTSB suggests banning drivers from using any and all devices for non-emergency purposes, including hands-free devices. […]

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Distracted Driving PSA from Glee

Every Glee-admirer remembers the epic episode in season 3, where Quinn got into a car accident. Distracted driving was the culprit, in particular, Quinn being distracted by her phone. For those who haven’t had the pleasure of being exposed to the show, I will explain. One of the main characters, Quinn Fabray, played by Dianna […]

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