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Teach Your Child to Be a Good Pedestrian This Halloween

On Halloween once-quiet streets suddenly fill with bustling trick-or-treaters making their way from house to house. Although the night is for children to revel in costumes and candy, for parents and caregivers, making sure kids stay safe while going door-to-door can be stressful, and a challenge. Driving collisions are more common on Halloween, and children […]

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Children and animals easily overheat in cars

Leaving children and animals in hot cars is dangerous and illegal in many cases. Vulnerable and dependent on your good will and common sense, children and animals are not only unable to free themselves from hot vehicles, but also heat faster than adults. A child’s body heats up three to five times more rapidly than […]

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I am a Pedestrian. And So Are You!

As a girl who despises the gym, I force myself to be a pedestrian more often than a driver (and by the way, I’m a fabulous safe driver). But lately it’s become dangerous to simply cross the street in San Francisco. I’m lucky to live in a breathtaking city. Every seven blocks is a new […]

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Solo Teen Driving and Parents’ Concerns

Driving a car is definitely a challenge, and it can be especially difficult for teens because of their lack of driving experience. Parents are always concerned about their teen driving, and perhaps they should be, particularly during their teen’s first solo behind-the-wheel performances. Being a parent you surely want to protect your child from any unpredictable […]

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Is your child safe in a child safety seat?

One of the most important responsibilities you’ve got as a parent is to keep your child safe. Especially while riding in a vehicle. Each year thousands of children are killed or injured in automobile accidents. According to statistics, using child safety seats correctly reduces the risk of potential injuries by 50 to 70%. Yet three-quarters […]

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