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Texas Defensive Driving: a Solution for Super-Commuters in Houston and Dallas

Many of us know firsthand that getting to and from work can take a lion’s share of our free time during the weekdays. Workers who spend the longest time on their daily commute are called super-commuters, and the majority of these live in the Houston and Dallas metropolitan areas. Can a Texas defensive driving course […]

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Be My Designated Driver!

“Just one drink! Just one drink!” My friend tried to convince me when we were heading to her cousin’s birthday. It didn’t sound truthful from the beginning. By the end of the night, I counted at least 4 one drinks. The results were astonishingly inconvenient and even embarrassing: the car abandoned on the street overnight, […]

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Multitasking and Driving: Good Skill or Bad Habit?

How many things and assignments can you accomplish within one day? I am pretty sure it is not as many as you would like. Many believe that increasing the number of things to be done at the same time will positively affect productivity. Unfortunately, they are mistaken! Numerous studies have showed that the brain cannot fully […]

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Adult Drivers Education: It’s Never Too Late to Start Driving

Even though most people earn their license and start driving  at the age of 16, there are some who for different reasons postpone the wonderful opportunity to hit the road independently. Even if the delay is long, I deeply believe that it is never too late to start anything in your life. And thrilling and unique […]

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Solo Teen Driving and Parents’ Concerns

Driving a car is definitely a challenge, and it can be especially difficult for teens because of their lack of driving experience. Parents are always concerned about their teen driving, and perhaps they should be, particularly during their teen’s first solo behind-the-wheel performances. Being a parent you surely want to protect your child from any unpredictable […]

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Teens’ Driving Habits Come from Parents

Your teen is a driver! Congratulations! And don’t worry: if you are a good driver, most likely your teenage son or daughter will be too! According to a recent study by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, teens’ driving habits trace back to their parents’ driving behavior. According to the survey, young drivers consciously or […]

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Does Driving Help with Free Online Dating?

Free online dating has revolutionized our social lives, but one thing is for sure: if you’re going to be dating, you’ll need a license. It’s not just so you can impress your newest crush with an awesome car or your amazing driving skills, but simply so you can date at all. Let me explain my […]

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Drunk Driving Is Not for Your Friends

We all know that drinking alcohol is illegal for people under 21, and that regardless of age no one is allowed to drive under the influence of alcohol. But these two laws are being broken more often than we could imagine. According to CDC statistics, 1 out of 10 high school students, and about half of […]

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How I Became a Driver: My First Drivers License

It’s easy to focus on the steps you’ll have to take and the procedures you’ll have to follow to get your drivers license—and it’s even easier to forget what a big step you’re really taking! Getting that first drivers license is much more than just taking drivers ed, studying for your written test, and going […]

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Driving in Traffic

DRiving in heavy traffic can be a major bummer. The best way to prepare yourself for it is to take in-car driving lessons that will give you the skills and confidence you need. But you also need to be mentally prepared. Rush hour, bad weather conditions, road construction—millions of reasons can cause vicious mile-long traffic […]

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