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4 Smart Ways to De-Escalate Road Rage

4 Smart Ways to De-Escalate Road Rage

Even the smallest driving mistake can trigger a road rage reaction in the drivers directly impacted by your error. The lack of face to face interaction on the road virtually eliminates the allowance that would normally be given after someone makes a simple mistake. The resulting angry, irrational reaction becomes a dangerous problem when aggressive […]

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4 strategies for dealing with aggressive drivers

Reacting to Aggressive Drivers

A common wisdom says that you can’t control other people, you can only control your reactions to them. The same is true for your interactions on the road—particularly when it comes to aggressive drivers. We’ve all encountered them: those impatient drivers who need to go as fast as possible and react angrily if they perceive […]

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Facts About Distracted Driving: Tips From a Teen

[Written by eDriving's contributing teen writer Amy Tarczynski, who shares some key facts about distracted driving, along with her personal advice for staying focused on the road. Read Amy's last article about getting her drivers license.] April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month. This year, especially, road safety ought to be everyone’s top priority. 2016 brought a staggering 40,000 […]

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How Much Do Distraction, Emotion, and Other Unsafe Behaviors Increase Driving Risk?

In drivers ed classes, you hear a lot about the dangerous things you can do as a driver that will make you more likely to get into a crash. But just how dangerous are they? Unfortunately, we can usually only answer this question indirectly, by looking at the crash data compiled by the National Highway […]

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Are Sports Cars Drivers Jerks?

Do people have an innate sense of carte blanche when they’re driving sports cars? Should we just chalk up the entitlement to human nature? Nothing really says power on the road like a V-double digit engine. The horsepower makes a driver feel powerful. And yes, people in power don’t necessarily have the best reputations for […]

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Driving styles that drive us crazy

There are certain driving styles that drive us crazy! No one is perfect. At, we make sure to think of others on the road every single day. In addition to covering our bases with updated rules and refreshers, we also try to practice common courtesy and common sense, which the following types of drivers do […]

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Extreme Road Rage on the Autobahn

A German lorry (that’s a European term for “truck,” apparently) driver has had an extreme, prolonged case of road rage on the autobahn. (The “autobahn” is the highway system in Germany, also known as the “Bundesautobahn.” (Ed. Note: If you would like to know more about the Autobahn, here is a video that will not teach you anything except that […]

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Driving Instructor in West Virginia Got Arrested for Teaching a Student Dangerous Maneuvers

A driving instructor from West Virginia was recently arrested for teaching a student how to perform donuts. The instructor is being charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor as well as destruction of property. The instructor, Edwin Anderson, claims he taught his student how to do donuts so that she could learn vehicle […]

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Texas Defensive Driving: a Solution for Super-Commuters in Houston and Dallas

Many of us know firsthand that getting to and from work can take a lion’s share of our free time during the weekdays. Workers who spend the longest time on their daily commute are called super-commuters, and the majority of these live in the Houston and Dallas metropolitan areas. Can a Texas defensive driving course […]

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Worst Driving Habits: Are You Guilty?

What are you pet peeves behind the wheel? Personally, I can’t handle it when people don’t use their turn signals. (Signaling is so easy! Seriously, why doesn’t everyone do it all the time?) If you can’t stand it when other people cut in front of you or keep weaving between lanes, you’re not alone. Cutting […]

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