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Monthly Archives: April 2018

Survivor of Distracted Driving Collision Shares His Story of Recovery

Do You Know How April’s Distracted Driving Awareness Month Went? Not Well.

When Michigan resident Brandon La Forest was hit by a distracted driver in 2010, doctors said it was unlikely he would survive. He had suffered what medics called the worst brain and head injury possible. Despite those odds, Brandon persevered, and, following many painful years of recovery, now campaigns against distracted driving. Here, Brandon shares […]

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Mustangs, Amphicars, and Phaetons: A Brief Look at the History of Presidential Vehicles

The History of Presidential Vehicles

As the 19th century segued into the 20th, so did the primary mode of transportation. For centuries people relied on horses to get around, but the development of the internal combustion engine in the 1900s altered that. Vehicles were taking over, and U.S. presidents had to acclimate to automobile travel. But it’s interesting to see […]

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4 Smart Ways to De-Escalate Road Rage

4 Smart Ways to De-Escalate Road Rage

Even the smallest driving mistake can trigger a road rage reaction in the drivers directly impacted by your error. The lack of face to face interaction on the road virtually eliminates the allowance that would normally be given after someone makes a simple mistake. The resulting angry, irrational reaction becomes a dangerous problem when aggressive […]

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