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Monthly Archives: July 2017

Surprise! 4 unexpected driving situations and how to handle them

When driving, watch for deer or wildlife crossing signs, which are placed in areas where animals are known to congregate.

Even the safest drivers will encounter surprising situations on the road now and then. But newer drivers have encountered fewer surprises, which can make them scarier, not to mention more dangerous. During any surprise on the road, the most important thing to do is remain calm so that you can rationally think through the safest […]

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Drivers Ed Diary Entry No. 4: Staying focused through the final chapters

California online drivers ed training Contributing Writer Alexis David has kept an ongoing diary for us as she takes our California online drivers ed course. Here’s her fourth entry. As my drivers ed experience comes to a close, I’ve been thinking ahead to the future driving lessons I’ll soon be able to take. Then, I’ll finally be able to […]

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Know before you go: Who’s in my car?

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The busy days of summer are here, putting more cars on the road and drivers behind the wheel. But before you get into the driver’s seat, ask yourself—who’s in my car? It sounds funny, but it’s important to be aware of who you’re driving with. Not only are you battling more-congested-than-normal roadways this summer (see […]

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3 Things I Learned After Taking eDriving’s One More Second Defensive Driving Course

Merge like a zipper when entering highways

[Amy Tarczynski, eDriving's contributing teen writer, details her driving experience since completing One More Second.] I screamed in my car the other day when I was driving. It wasn’t a yell, and it wasn’t an “AHH!”  It was a full-bellied shriek. My voice probably scared my passenger more than the inciting incident did. Here’s what […]

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In the News: Representatives Seek to Strengthen Driving Education For Ohio Teenagers

Nighttime driving

Two Ohio state representatives are looking to expand existing requirements in the state’s young driver licensing system. Ohio State Reps. Gary Scherer (R-Circleville) and Michael Sheehy (D-Toledo) unveiled House Bill 293 to the public June 29. The bill would implement two changes to teen driving laws in Ohio if passed: Require teens to hold temporary […]

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Drivers Ed Diary Entry No. 4: Passing the Road Test Contributing Writer Grace Keller has kept an ongoing diary for us about her drivers ed experience. In her latest installment, she details how she feels now that she’s passed her road test. Grace Keller is delighted to have passed the Maryland road test! The end of my drivers ed experience came quicker than I had […]

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Parents, it’s time to review your family’s summer driving habits

Teen Summer Driving By the Number

The most dangerous driving season of the year is here—what you and your teen should know From grad parties to family trips, reasons to be on the road this summer are plentiful. But as your family – and your teenagers – get behind the wheel, realize that the summertime is the most dangerous time of […]

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