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Monthly Archives: September 2016

My First Road Trip…In a Porsche

[Written By Contributing Writer Amy Tarczynski] Imagine getting this text from your next-door neighbor: “I left my Porsche in the garage when we moved out yesterday. Would you be interested in driving it down here for us?” Interested in driving a Porsche? Of course I was. But the journey from our street in Oakland to […]

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The history of driving technology

Can you imagine a car without seatbelts? How about a car without a radio? Ok, what about a car without an ignition? ‘Surely not’, you say? Well, in actual fact cars didn’t used to have any of these features, as well as many others. Here, we take a look at some of the driving technology […]

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Should I buy a beater for my teen driver?

Old Honda Hatchback

[Written By Contributing Writer Christina Tynan-Wood] I was sitting behind the wheel at GM’s proving ground in Milford, Michigan getting a demonstration of the automatic emergency braking system the car manufacturer plans to make standard on all light vehicles by 2022. Fighting my reflexes, I piloted the vehicle directly toward an unforgiving obstacle, kept my […]

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Does In-Car Safety Technology Help Your Teen Drive Safer?

In-Car Technology Safety

[Written By Contributing Writer Christina Wood] Remember when the promise for The Future included flying cars and robots that would do all the housework? That future isn’t quite here. But in the last few years there has been huge innovation in cars. Manufactures aren’t even working on flying cars but they are determined to give […]

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