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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Bad drivers on film

The following bad drivers on film are our “don’t try this at home” to anyone hoping to get or keep a license (not to mention stay alive). Inadequate driving can be deadly in real life. Of course these stars had stunt doubles and special effects helping to make sure they only looked like they were […]

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Solar Car Challenge for High Schoolers

The Solar Car Challenge has been engaging high school students interested in engineering and alternative energy since 1993. This year, the race started on the Texas Motor Speedway and has traveled through New Mexico and Arizona; the event will end in Los Angeles’ Exposition Park next Tuesday. You can check if your high school is participating and follow […]

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Car Theft Prevention

Being a safe driver is paramount, but it’s also important to know how to keep your car safe with these tips on car theft prevention.  Some cars are classic thief favorites, yet their tastes vary as The National Insurance Crime Bureau reports. The most stolen used cars are of the petite Japanese variety — the 1995 Honda Civic, the 1994 Honda Accord, and the 1991 Toyota Camry. But […]

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Road trip with your dog

A road trip with your dog can be a delightful excursion or a disaster, depending on your safety preparation and destination. Instead of having a friend or neighbor watch your pet, or turning to a fancy dog hotel to care for your fur-covered friend, find a place where your pup is welcome! We’ve got plenty of […]

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The Joys of a Convertible

Are the joys of driving a convertible worth the costs? Some folks know how to make driving a convertible seem better than Disney Land! Marylin Monroe, Kate Middleton, and this man and his dog look like 3-year-olds holding ice cream cones with sprinkles behind the wheel. There are many risks to owning and driving a […]

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Road Rage in Sacramento

The road rage just won’t quit. The other day, we brought you the story of a German truck driver who shot at some 700 (!) cars over a five year (!!) span before being caught. And now, from California’s capital comes another story of a gun-toting driver taking shots at another roadway user. Apparently a […]

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Extreme Road Rage on the Autobahn

A German lorry (that’s a European term for “truck,” apparently) driver has had an extreme, prolonged case of road rage on the autobahn. (The “autobahn” is the highway system in Germany, also known as the “Bundesautobahn.” (Ed. Note: If you would like to know more about the Autobahn, here is a video that will not teach you anything except that […]

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Instagram Contest! Win an iPad Mini! iPad Giveaway Contest is having an Instagram contest…    Entering the contest is easy! All you need to do is: Snap a picture or shoot a quick Instagram video  Tag it #DriversEdiPad WIN!!!   What you get for participating: Grand Prize: An iPad Mini and a free online course will be awarded to one winner, chosen by […]

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Neat Infographic: 50 Quirky Facts About Cars

An infographic is a fun and easy way to put a lot of information in your head in a hurry. As driver education professionals, we’re always on the lookout for good ones. If you want to learn some really interesting things about cars, the infographic below will do nicely! Car facts from a lot of […]

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The Google Self-Driving Car Concerns Me

Imagine: your Google self-driving car does all the work, turning your drive time…into leisure time! A car that drives itself for hundreds of miles on freeways and in traffic may sound like something out of the movie Wall-E, or, if your tastes run that way, the original Total Recall. But if Google has its way, in […]

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