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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Be safe on July 4th while having a ball

This July 4th there are a ton of ways to have ball that will keep you safe and won’t put you in danger of killing someone while driving drunk (yes, that’s harsh, but it’s true). Whether or not you’ve taken driver’s ed, you probably know that drunk driving is illegal. No one ever actually plans to […]

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Cyclists in Austin, Texas Engage with Sticker Art

Cyclists in Austin, Texas have created a campaign to engage the broader public with sticker art that humanizes riders. The campaign, “Hello I’m a Cyclist,” has already raised over a thousand dollars on Kickstarter. Austin’s cycling community sees one to two cyclist deaths each year caused by motor vehicles. In 2012, there were four cycling […]

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Apocalypse in Texas and Other Dangers

I can’t confirm whether or not a Texas apocalypse is underway, but one man can. Clayton Todd Earthman, 24, is certain that doomsday is coming. To prepare, he’s been taking a lot of drugs, keeping his guns close, and garnering chemicals in case he needs to make a bomb. Earthman’s provisions were discovered on Wednesday […]

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I am a Pedestrian. And So Are You!

As a girl who despises the gym, I force myself to be a pedestrian more often than a driver (and by the way, I’m a fabulous safe driver). But lately it’s become dangerous to simply cross the street in San Francisco. I’m lucky to live in a breathtaking city. Every seven blocks is a new […]

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Justin Bieber Could Use Some Drivers Ed

It’s become clear that Justin Bieber could benefit from a few hours of good ol’ fashioned California drivers ed before someone gets hurt. Oh wait…someone already got hurt. On Monday night, Bieber, a hat, and his friend Lil Twist were swarmed by paparazzi and camera flashes as they left the Laugh Factory and got into […]

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Driving in traffic more stressful than skydiving?

Could driving in traffic be as stressful as skydiving? If you ever find yourself road raging—maybe gnashing your teeth or cursing at any car that doesn’t bother to use its signals before changing into your lane (it’s like they didn’t even take drivers ed!?—you’re not alone and you’re not the super angry, intolerant psycho that you […]

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Drive-in Movie Theaters are Worth a Trip

Drive-in movie theaters are still around and worth checking out. This past weekend, I was re-watching “The Hunger Games” on Netflix when my room mate looked at me with disgust and said, “It’s drive time: enough is enough of you sitting on that couch!” What?! No, it wasn’t enough, I just got started! But I […]

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Buying Your First Car

If you’re thinking about earning your license, you’re probably already daydreaming about buying your first car. Be sure to take into account the total cost of owning a vehicle: it includes a whole lot more than just the sticker price! The amount you’ll spend on gas, maintenance and repair, registration, insurance, and miscellaneous car expenses […]

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Older drivers can learn safer driving techniques for the long run

Older drivers can learn safer driving techniques for the long run in order to drive safely and confidently. Today’s 75-year-old driver who got a license at 16 would have taken their driving test in 1954! This means they learned about safety training on a road that was much less crowded than it is today. In […]

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Preparing Your Teen Driver for the Road

Watching a newly licensed teen driver climb into the driver’s seat can be nerve-wracking business. If your teen is about to begin earning their license, you’ll want to make sure they’ll be ready to get behind the wheel. Before your teen starts driving, follow these tips from The Simple Dollar on how to prepare your […]

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