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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Teen Safe Driving Contests: Save Lives this Spring

Summer is the most dangerous season for teens to drive, say statistics. But we still have the whole spring to do our best to remind everybody to drive carefully and prevent any potential collisions on the road. There are a lot of ways to do so, and probably one of the most effective, fun and exciting […]

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Winter Driving and Ski Season

Feels like the winter has almost gone away…almost! The cold season likes to fight for its place and loves to surprise with sudden blizzards and snowfall, which don’t make driving a breeze. The best advice of all time is not to drive in bad weather conditions, unless you really have to, but there can be […]

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Eating and Driving: Is It Dangerous?

Did your morning rush cause you to skip your breakfast again? Planning to trade it for a quick bite during your commute? Not a good idea! Yes, it is bad for your digestive system, but what’s more important, eating and driving is extremely dangerous! Eating behind the wheel is probably the least discussed topic in […]

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Say No to St. Patrick’s Day Drinking and Driving

In the United States, 36 million people are of Irish descent. Compare that to the population of Ireland: only 4.4 million. So, guess what country in the world will have the most festive and large-scale celebration of St. Patrick’s Day? Americans like the holiday and very often go truly crazy with themed parties and liquor […]

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High Wind: Driving Safety Tips

“High Winds on Bridge”, says the sign, when I am getting close to the 4.5-mile long bridge on my daily commute. What is the sign here for? To give me a topic of discussion with other drivers while we are crawling through morning traffic? Or to deliver some important info and warn about special weather […]

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Car Parking: Challenges and Simple Solutions

What is your biggest challenge when parking? To find a parking space? To find a free parking space? To squeeze your car into a tiny spot without holding up traffic and damaging anything? Or perhaps not to forget where you left your wheels? Or all of these aspects of car parking? Parking is an important […]

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Spring Break Driving: Have a Blast…Safely!

Spring break is just around the corner, and it’s always a great time to recharge after the winter, to recover from midterm tests, and just to catch the spirit of spring. The week off from school is the perfect chance to work on your drivers ed and in-car lessons with no rush and hassle! But […]

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Foreign Drivers in the U.S.

Are you planning to visit the United States from overseas? There’s no doubt you should take a road trip around the country. Many attractions and real gems of nature can be reached only by car. And here come the important questions: Who is going to be driving? What type of driver’s license is required for […]

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Texas Defensive Driving: a Solution for Super-Commuters in Houston and Dallas

Many of us know firsthand that getting to and from work can take a lion’s share of our free time during the weekdays. Workers who spend the longest time on their daily commute are called super-commuters, and the majority of these live in the Houston and Dallas metropolitan areas. Can a Texas defensive driving course […]

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How to Spot Odometer Fraud

We’ve already talked about the frauds and the tricks that dealerships can pull on you. One of the most destructive, dangerous and, unfortunately, the most widespread is odometer fraud. According to data, approximately 1 out of 10 used cars are sold with rolled-back mileage on the odometer. The used car market is full of swindlers […]

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