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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Nontrivial Valentine’s Day Ideas

“Love is in the air everywhere I look around….”  Is it Valentine’s Day today? Yes, it is here: time to give gifts and flowers to your sweethearts and have a wonderful time on dates. You are probably tired of typical dates that you can’t even recall a month later. If you’re looking for something extraordinary […]

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Thank You, Facebook Fans!

Thank you to all of our fans for being with us, for trusting us with your lives and safety, and for sharing laughs with us on the Facebook page! Today we are celebrating a remarkable milestone for our Facebook page—we have reached 50,000 likes! (Like this if you like this!) We are touched by the […]

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Texting and Driving in Texas

The widespread social phenomenon of texting and driving has become a stumbling block in the safety of the nation’s roads. Most states have already banned the use of cellphones while driving. But there are still 11 states where texting, talking on the phone and surfing the web while driving are legal and not punishable for […]

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Driving Anxiety: Ways to Overcome

As any other activity, driving involves some risks and therefore can be scary. The popular automobile blog Jalopnik has published a list of the top ten fears that people experience when they get behind the wheel. But in fact the human imagination can generate an unlimited number of images and situations that can lead to driving anxiety. Sure, […]

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Modern Art and Cars: Autoportraits

Vladimir Nikolic is a Serbian artist whose work brings modern art and cars together. His photographs, video clips and installations are exhibited in museums and galleries around the world. One of his art projects is called Autoportraits. And guess what it’s about? Right, it’s all about cars and self-portraits. The young artist says that he […]

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