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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Be Ready for Anything with a Texas Defensive Driving Course

In a recent issue of Harper’s, a writer named James C. Scott told the story of Hans Monderman, a traffic engineer. In 2003, Monderman suggested removing a traffic light from a city called Drachten, in the Netherlands. The interesting part is that removing the red light may actually have increased traffic safety! This busy traffic […]

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Teen Safe Driving Contest: “Keep the Drive”

Don’t miss your chance to win $2,000 by saving lives of your friends and classmates! The Allstate Foundation just started its 2013 “Keep the Drive” contest, featuring six possible awards. High school students can participate by writing articles for their schools newspapers or producing a broadcasting piece for a high school news station. The creative […]

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Super Bowl: No Drunk Driving for Football Fans

Are you a player? Do you like team sports? Well, I dare to claim that driving is a team game too, and you have to be a player to handle it: you have to know the rules, consider your teammates and constantly improve your technique. And it turns out that for many drivers, handling the […]

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Drowsy Driving: Don’t Be a Victim

When you are in the middle of your commute, driving the car, and suddenly realize that you cannot recall how you drove the last few miles, in addition to catching yourself rubbing your eyes and yawning every other minute, or, even worse, drifting out of your lane or off the road, then it is time […]

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Car Upgrades for Road Trips

Professional road travelers have their cars prepared for any road situation, for road trips around the country or even around the world. With a couple of simple adjustments, a regular vehicle can turn into a cozy living room, a kitchen, or mighty and fearless beast that can overcome all the rockiest roads, swamps, and suspension […]

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Highway Hypnosis: Detect and Avoid

Early morning: you wake up, do your morning routine, get out of the house, walk to the car, unlock it … and the next moment, you’re already at your destination, getting down to business. How did you get here? Whom did you see on the road? How many turns did you make? There is no […]

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Passenger Van Safety

For big families; churches and private schools, the practical 15-passenger van has become a popular alternative to buses and caravans of small cars. People usually think that once they have a drivers license, they can easily handle driving a van. But due to its dimensions, driving a van is a completely different story from driving […]

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Driving Safety: The Witty Signs of Manali-Leh Highway

Getting ready for a road trip in another country can be a challenging procedure, especially if the trip is going to be a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Who will be driving? What car is better for the local roads? And how to ensure driving safety? Let’s take one Himalayan road as an example. So, if you were going […]

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Drunk Driving Penalty: An Unusual Sentence

After reading about this unconventional drunk driving penalty and the odd punishment for the sidewalk driver from Cleveland, I seriously wonder if judges in Ohio in some kind of competition for doling out weird sentences. On Tuesday, a judge in northeast Ohio sentenced a drunk driver to view bodies of car crash fatalities. The 27-year-old […]

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Worst Driving Habits: Are You Guilty?

What are you pet peeves behind the wheel? Personally, I can’t handle it when people don’t use their turn signals. (Signaling is so easy! Seriously, why doesn’t everyone do it all the time?) If you can’t stand it when other people cut in front of you or keep weaving between lanes, you’re not alone. Cutting […]

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